Thrival Is

Thrival has created the first Augmented Reality platform that enables you to turn your surroundings into an AR experience that others can interact with.


A New Way to Explore Your City

Thrival is an augmented realty platform where users can make a literal mark on their surroundings. The Thrival AR generation engine transforms city streets into an interactive environment where users create their own avatar and storefront, write reviews, create art, and much more. User content appears in the Thrival World in real-time as digital holograms visible to everyone.

Pretty cool, right?

A New Kind of Community

All In One Place

Discover whats its like using your favorite apps in an AR world.

Own It

Get paid for the things you create in the Thrival World.

Take It With You

The Thrival World can be used on just about every platform.

Safe and Sound

User data is protected using the latest encryption methods.

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